Note: The script does NOT come pre-loaded with any photo or video content.

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v9.2.2 Released!
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Add Photos via File Upload or Link

Users can either upload photos from their computer or enter a photo link.

Add Videos using only the url

Users can add any public video from or


Meme Generator Module

The meme generator module allows users to create memes directly on your GagCloneScript website.

Our advanced HTML5 meme generator makes generating memes easy and fun!


Gag Clone Categories

Category System!

A category system has been added so users can choose a category for a post.

Users can view posted softed by the category they are in.

Admins can add/edit/manage categories.

Image Comments

Upload Image Comments!

Users can now upload an image as a comment on 9gag clone script.

Just click on the upload an image comment link and the new feature shows up.

Admins can view image comments in the admin panel.

Change The POST URL!

You can now easily change the gag url from /post/ to something else.

Note: Only letters A-Z and numbers 0-9 are can be used to replace it with. No special characters or anything else!

The gag url is the url of a post, for example the /post/ in this url:

Gag Clone Comments

Website Comments System!

A complete website comments system that lets users posts comments on your website directly instead of just only via facebook.

Option to view website comments and facebook comments.

Admins can award points for each website comment posted (not facebook comment)

Users can reply to comments (but not reply to replies)

[View Demo To See How It Works]

Start/Stop Animated Gifs

Start/Stop Animated Gifs

If a uploaded gif is detected as having animation then it will not play by default on the listing pages

A static image is shown and only when clicked on will the animation play

Note: Detection works in most cases but there is no 100% guarantee.


Areyouahuman Playthru

Our gag clone script comes with an option to use the captcha to stop spam.

add vine videos


Users can now add videos from Vine

Vine is now a very popular video service due to it's dominance on mobile devices.

In addition to vine, videos can also be added from youtube and funnyordie.

add vimeo videos


Users can now add videos from

Vimeo is a popular video sharing website with stunning HD videos.


New Section

Uploaded photos and videos go to the new section where members can vote or favorite them. Admins can set the number of voted needed to move on to trending or be deleted.


Trending Section

Once photos get the admin set number of votes they move onto the trending page where anyone can vote or favorite for them. Admins can set the number of voted needed to move on to hot.


Hot Section

Once photos exceed the admin set number of voted they appear in the hot section of the website.


Comment using Facebook

Users can comment on all uploaded pictures and videos easily via their facebook account.

Gag Clone Script Admin Panel

Admin Panel

The advanced admin control panel allows you to fully manage your website. [View Demo]

Ban IPs

IP Based User Banning

Admins can view and ban user ips in the Admin Panel.

Gag Clone Languages

Multiple Languages!
Comes with 12 languages! (English, Spanish, French, Russian, Turkish, German, Portuguese, Croatian, Czech, Lithuanian, Polish and Thai)

You can switch between the 12 available languages in Gag Clone

Easily add more languages by translating just one file!

9Gag Clone Script Demo

Bulk Picture Uploader Module

bulk uploader

Gag Clone Script Bulk Picture Uploader Module

This module lets you bulk process pictures in the admin panel after you upload them to the server in a specified folder.

Easily populate your website.

[Learn More]

Mobile Module - NEW DESIGN!

Mobile Module

Gag Clone Script Mobile Module

This module lets you create a mobile website for users to access.

Easily boost your website traffic.

This is a must have for today's websites.

*new* Category System

*new* Login System

*new* Facebook Connect

*new* Sign Up System

*new* Upload pictures from mobile devices (if the device supports uploading from a browser)

[Learn More]

Automatic Image Rotation on the Mobile Module

Jpg images uploaded from your mobile device on the mobile module are checked for having the correct rotation.

If detected as being wrong then it will automatically rotate it.

This fixes a common problem on mobile device uploads!

[Learn More]

Why Use Gag Clone Script?

Our Gag Clone is the most advanced Gag Clone Script loaded with features needed to create a successful funny pictures website.

  • 100% Viewable PHP Source Code of non-licensing files.
  • Multiple language system supporting many languages.
  • Free Bug Fixes For Life!
  • Submit both pictures and videos.
  • Facebook Connect - Login via facebook!
  • Twitter Connect - Login via twitter!
  • Safe mode for inappropriate content.
  • Like system to easily like gags.
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